BLUE GATE 40kva 384v INVERTER 3-PHASE (Online UPS/Inverter) Pure Sine Wave with Smart Charging System

BLUE GATE 40kva 384v INVERTER 3-PHASE (Online UPS/Inverter)
Pure Sine Wave with Smart Charging System

Price: NGN 2,860,000

Sales: 08133686022, 08097039349



Blue gate 40kva 384v inverter (online ups/inverter) Lf Series, Pure Sine Wave Output is a complete power generation system that is suitable for all types of commercial establishments and is capable of running everything from Lights to Air Conditioners, factory machines and Lifts to Elevators, in a most cost effective manner. Blue gate 40kva 384v inverter (online ups/inverter) Lf Series, Pure Sine Wave Inverter supplies pure power, which is actually purer than even the power supplied by the grid, and is 100% safe to run the most sophisticated, expensive and sensitive office, home and factory equipment, silently. It has already established itself as a most reliable option to generators at banks/ATM’s, hospitals, petrol pumps and shopping malls to name a few.



  • Pure Sine Wave 3-Phase online Inverter
  • Built-in Charging System
  • Smart Charge technology - delivers faster charging & enhances battery life
  • Intelligent thermal management for longer life and higher reliability
  • Audio alarm System: for Low battery, overload, etc   
  • Stable Performance with maximum Protection for appliances
  • User-friendly LCD display to show status
  • Short circuit MCB Protection
  • Transfer time is 0ms
  • Required Battery Bank: 32 Pics of 12V Batteries



  • Rated capacity(VA) 40KVA                   
  • Active power(W)     36KW                    
  • INPUT                                                                    
  • Voltage Range         380/400/415Vac (-25%~+20%) three phase
  • Frequency Range     50/60Hz±5Hz auto identification
  • Power Factor          >0.8(no filter) >0.9(with filter)
  • OUTPUT                                                                  
  • Voltage Range         380/400/415Vac ±1%
  • Rated output current        60A             
  • Frequency     Auto learning                                                  
  • Frequency stability(battery mode)         50/60Hz±0.05%                                                       
  • Wave form   Sine wave                                                       
  • Power Factor          0.9(lag)                                                         
  • Total harmonic distortion <3% (linear load) / <5%(nonlinear load)                                                          
  • Overload capacity   105%≤60min <110% / 110%≤10min<125%                                                    
  • Crest Factor 3:1 (max)                                                     
  • Efficiency     90%             
  • Transfer time                                                                    
  • Line mode? Battery mode   0ms                                                     
  • Bypass                                                            
  • Rated voltage          380/400/415Vac (three phase four wire)                                                          
  • Voltage protection range   -40%~+20%                                                  
  • Rated frequency     50/60Hz                                                       
  • Frequency protection range         ±20%                                                   
  • Transfer time         0ms/1ms                                                        
  • Overload capacity(In)       15In, 10ms
    5In, 5s                                                          
  • Battery                                                                   
  • Voltage (VDC)         384VDC                                                         
  • Panel                                                             
  • LED    input, inverter, bypass, battery and output                                                        
  • LCD    input and output voltage, frequency, power factor, battery voltage,
    battery current and status, load percentage, UPS status, history record, setting                                                   
  • Communication                                                                   
  • Interface     Dry contact, RS232, RS485, SNMP card slot                                                     
  • Working environment                                                                    
  • Running Temperature         0~40℃                                                         
  • Relative humidity     0~95% (without condensing)                                                        
  • Storage temperature         -25℃~55℃                                                   
  • Noise at 1     <63dB         <67dB                                                

Optional Harmonic Filter, SNMP adapter, Bypass current-sharing inductor

For Enquiries & Delivery Nationwide, Contact Sales; 08133686022, 08097039349

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