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The servo-AVR series high accuracy, fully automatic AC stabilized power supply is a key series of our products. It consists of auto-transformer, servo motor, automatic control circuit and so on. When utility is not stable or the load fluctuates, the automatic control circuit modifies the control output according to the output voltage change of power supply, which is used to drive the servo motor, and then the servo motor adjusts the carbon brush of auto-transformer to maintain the output voltage at its rating and remain stable.
Computers, test equipment, lighting systems, security systems, X-ray systems, communication systems, medical equipment, duplicators, audio equipment, industrial automation equipment, colour film development equipment, digital control machine tools, calibration equipment, TV sets, office appliances.
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•    High quality output voltage
•    Wide input voltage range and load compatibility characteristics
•    Over voltage, under voltage and over current protection
•    Advanced servo-controlled regulator enhances reliability and durability
•    Display Window
MODEL    BGE10AS    BGE15AS    BGE20AS    BGE10AS33    BGE20AS33    BGE30AS33
VA Rating    10KVA    15KVA    20KVA    10KVA    20KVA    30KVA
Phase    Single phase + N+ GND [1:1]    Three phase + N + GND [3:3]
Voltage Range    100VAC – 260VAC    Line Voltage 173VAC -433VAC
Voltage    220V    380V
Voltage precision    ≤±3%
Frequency    50/60Hz
Over-voltage protection    Output phase voltage 250V±5V
Low-voltage protection    Output phase voltage 183V±5V
Efficiency    ≥96%
Display model    LED Direction light, Finger Voltage Diagram
Input/output device    optional plug; Socket/Terminal    Terminal
Waveform Distortion    No affixation Waveform distortion
Response Time    ±10% varies <1s
Insulation Resistance    ≥2MΩ
Anti-electric intension    Low frequency sine voltage 1500V take 1minute No Rout and camber phenomena
Ambient Temperature    0⁰C – 40⁰C
Relative Humidity    ≤95%
Working    Continue
Dimension(D*W*H)mm    485x220x430    370x330x612    350x330x702    380x330x752    400x530x732
Net weight(kg)    31    53    59    37    58    95
Measure (D*W*H)mm    555x280x495    500x430x690    435x460x790    420x555x840    500x635x830
Gross weight(kg)    32    56    61.3    40    61.6    105

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