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BlueGate 7.5KVA -120v Inverter

The BLUE GATE BG7500 Inverter can power various loads such as inductive load (air conditioners, refrigerator), motors (vacuum cleaners), and rectifier load (computer). The inverter is designed to work with heavy load conditions without hassles.


BUE GATE Inverters are built with advanced technologies to meet users’ need for alternative power. Investing in BLUE GATE Inverters is a sure way of getting the right value for your money. Features Benefits to Users Pure Sine Wave Technology Ensures quality power delivery to keep your equipment safe Advanced Auto Sense Intelligent Control Offers boost for high performance Extended backup Gives users flexibility to work and fun times 8ms Typical Transfer Time between Utility & Battery Connected loads are not restarted during changeover times Protective Edge 100% Protection for all Appliances (Rugged Technology) Overload with auto reset function. Battery deep discharge protection.


Overload and short circuit protection. Over temperature protection device. Eco-friendly Noiseless in performance Pollution free Advanced battery management Enhances battery life up to 70% Ensures faster battery charging Wide input voltage range Ensures High Efficiency Warranty Warranted for quality reliability for one year and above Swift after sales service and support


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A world class brand of alternative power solutions, Blue Gate is owned by Triplesea Limited, an indigenous Nigerian Alternative Power Solutions company. For Blue Gate, the aim is to provide durable products through a complete process that spans from idea generation to after sales support. Blue Gate delivers integrated solutions that meet the exact standards of excellence in global power systems in the alternative power sector with products that include high capacity online UPS, line interactive UPS, Off Line UPS, inverters, stabilizers (AVR) and inverter batteries. 

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